Practical Refraction news

Essilor Academy "Practical Refraction" in now also available in Italian and Croatian!

Developed in collaboration with Roberto Tripodi from Essilor Italia and Davor Mihaljevic from Essilor Croatia, they are the 14th and 15th languages of that file! 

Essilor Academy thus enlarges its Ophthalmic Optics Files series, which also contains "Practical Low Vision", "Materials & Treatments" and "Progressve Lenses"... all available on 

This represents a huge amount of technical information offered to students and professionals and corresponds to the Essilor mission of supporting eyecare professionals expertise all around the world.

And we will not stop here ! In 2016, few other languages will be again added to the "Practical Refraction" file : Bulgarian and Arabic and probably some others too ! 

We’ll keep you updated in the coming months... stay tuned !