Fiona Fylan

Fiona Fylan

Professional degree : Health Psychologist

Professional Memberships

Health Psychologist (Health and Care Professions Council)

Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)

Member of the British Psychological Society


As a Health Psychologist my research concentrates on the decisions that people make that might affect their health and designing and evaluating interventions to change health-related behaviour. I have worked across several different areas, including those focused on patients such as adherence to clinical advice in the optometric setting, adherence to seizure control plans in epilepsy, and accessing dental services, and those focused on health professionals such as GPs’ use of the new medical statement and the recommendations made by opticians and optometrists. One of my major research areas is understanding how to change behaviour and I have worked extensively in understanding the decisions that people make, and designing and evaluating interventions to change risky behaviour. Some examples of recent projects are shown below.
How can optical professionals communicate lens options effectively to their patients?
Why patients don’t follow the advice of their optical professional and what can the professional can do to increase adherence?
How can we measure quality of life in people with low vision?