Points de Vue, the International Review of Ophthalmic Optics created by Essilor International in 1979, is an expert-to-expert publication sharing the latest knowledge on Vision Science, Clinical Practice, Market Insights, Patient Needs, Innovative Solutions and more. As such, Points de Vue is committed to providing all Eye Care Professionals involved in prescription with forward-looking and useful information for their practices and effective patient care.


The review develops important themes through multidisciplinary perspectives delivered by recognized experts. The authors of articles are key opinion leaders (KOLs), researchers, ophthalmologists, optometrists, academic experts, market research specialists, Research Institutes and Organizations, etc.

Continuously growing with a great international dynamics, Points de Vue has adapted its editorial model evolving from a “full print” (1979-2010), then a mix “print-online” (2010-2017) to a “full online” model. In 2017, the bi-annual paper edition has been discontinued gaining not only better sustainable impact but also proposing higher publishing frequency for readers and greater processing flexibility for contributing authors. 

Today, Points de Vue is published exclusively online proposing all content through its open access website www.pointsdevue.com and its owned Social Media pages. Its audience is global. Points de Vue reaches over 100,000 Eye Care Professionals (including students) in 186 countries. The publications are available in several languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, but also, for some specific content, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Slovak, etc.

To ensure both credibility and impartiality of the content, we do not fund signed articles, and in the same way we offer the content for free for end-readers. Our publications are free from advertising.

Our Editorial Board and Scientific Board are both represented by multidisciplinary and multicultural members.

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