Practical Refraction

This volume details (in 56 pages) proven techniques of refraction from a practical point of view. It is designed as a chairside tool for the eye care practitioner. A source of reference for your everyday practice !

Practical Low Vision

This very practical File covers (in 64 pages) the main notions useful to the eye care practitioner who wants to offer a good quality service to his/her low vision patients. For developing your low vision activity or reinforcing your knowledge !

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Progressive lenses

This updated version covers (in 44 pages) all product innovations from the first progressive lens to the more recent designs. You will find valuable details about technical and physiological progressive lens concepts, manufacturing and controlling processes, and a detailed presentation of the designs evolution. For a better understanding of one of the main innovation of the ophthalmic lens industry !

Materials & Treatments

This volume (of 68 pages) aims to present in summary form the essential concepts used in the composition and internal design of lenses. It will take you on a fascinating journey through the very heart of ophthalmic lenses !

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Collector Editions

The "Ophthalmic Optics Files" handbooks were first published in the 80's. This section gathers all the files ever published. Discover them !

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