"A very well run course, very nice lecturers and great content! I really appreciate the opportunity to have been able to take part of this programme, it has given me the desire to follow more courses! The course content was spread very well and the catering/restaurants were outstanding. The course coordinator was very friendly and helpful. As there were few course attendees it gave a great opportunity to discuss the subjects in depth, rather than just sit and listen to the lecturers. Thank you very much! I will make sure to keep myself available for future programs, please keep me posted! Thank you again"
Ron Van Rooy, Optometrist Australia
"The training sessions at Essilor Academy allow me to save a lot of time on the performance of the commercial and technical my sales. This is also an element of value to my colleagues."
E.Chateauvieux optician in Toulouse
"I share my dreams with my staff in terms of how I would like to develop my business and now we work in this direction"